E2E-X9C212-R 2M

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Αριθμός εξαρτήματος
E2E-X9C212-R 2M
Proximity Sensors
Φύλλο δεδομένων
Proximity Sensors M12 Shielded Output NPN, IOLink None, 2M


Proximity Sensors
69.1 mm
Maximum Frequency
700 Hz
Maximum Operating Temperature
+ 70 C
Minimum Operating Temperature
- 25 C
Mounting Style
Operating Supply Current
16 mA
Operating Supply Voltage
10 V to 30 V
Output Configuration
Part # Aliases
Sensing Distance
9 mm
Sensing Method
Supply Voltage - Max
30 VDC
Supply Voltage - Min
10 VDC
21 mm

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